You May Like to Know

May 2020: Membership renewals:

The British Chiropody Association

Health and Care Professions Council


RECENT IMPROVEMENTS to the surgery equipment to provide a better service include:

June 2018: Purchase of a replacement autoclave (high temperature steriliser) that ensures 100% sterility of all instruments. It conforms with all current regulations and legal requirements.

February 2019: Replacement of workstation, magnifying examination lamp and podiatry drill for more efficient chiropody and podiatry examination and treatment.

March 2020: Regular attention to Government and Association guidelines regarding safety for patients and practitioners during the Covid-19 crisis, including triage, temperature scanning and use of enhanced PPE. This includes non-clinical staff training in use of PPE and barrier hygiene.

June 2020: Covid-19 PPE Update We have now installed "sneeze screens" in both the surgery and rearranged reception area, along with a new floor in the treatment area.

This link shows a demonstration of the "sneeze screen" we are now using in the surgery

January 2021: Upgraded dedicated dressing trolley for aseptic technique for treating open wounds and ingrown toenails.

January 2021: John received his first Covid-19 vaccination  no adverse reaction to report.    

February 2021: Liz & Debbie received their first Covid-19 vaccinations

February 2021: Purchased the new Cryoalfa apparatus for the treatment of verrucae. This involves the use of liquid nitrous oxide to freeze the verruca and generates very little discomfort. At the this time, it is the most up-to-date choice of apparatus for practitioners.

February 2021: Updated equipment for diagnosis and treatment of fungal nail conditions. This involves taking a small sample of the nail which is then examined under a microscope so that the correct advice and treatment (where necessary) may be provided.


March 2021: John received his second Covid-19 vaccination no adverse reaction to report.

May 2021: Liz & Debbie received their second Covid-19 vaccinations

no adverse reaction to report.




Our next improvements will be a door-entry intercom to help with our new appointment system (see page on Covid-19 for further details) and replacement of chiropody chair.